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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

NeSan2011 Noveleeta Black-Spring

New جديد: راجمة المقالات بدأت تقصف

"تيسير نظمي يرد على وزير الداخلية الأردني:"

فلسطين تحت المجهر - الكويت بذكريات فلسطينية

الجمعة السوداء للخامس عشر من تموز 2011 Black Friday of July 15 in Amman

This land is ours,

byOriginality Movement(videos)


Bu toprak bizim, birlikte bunu yaşayacak ve hep birlikte iinde gml olacaktır.
Originality Movement and Tayseer Nazmi

After Warnings of Black Spring In Jordan, comes the Warning of Summer on June 24 th.


We can not work properly or convey our documents about corruption in Jordan

according to the following video where we are subjected to so many kinds of

torture, but we will continue, whatever...

ayseerNazmiasa teacher ofEnglish

last strike for a syndicate defending teachers' rights and students' rights also in up-to date educatio

Originality Movementwas tagged inOriginality Om'svideo.

صور من الفندق


جانب من مقدمة المؤتمر الصحفي الذي سوف يعقد مساء هذا اليوم من مكان ما في عمان و يبث عبر صفحات الفيسبوك على الهواء مباشرة باللغة الانجليزية لجميع فروع حركة ابداع في العالم


Part of the press conference that will be held on the first of July this evening by Tayseer Nazmi from amman

OM Head Manager Tayseer Nazmi:

Good evening and good morning + good night and knights to all over earth. I am only a survivor today, so; do not expect me say more than miracles of history in the east, exactly in the middle of it where your sources of welfare and poverty exist and where swords are so near of the backward royal families' necks of their people, specifying Saudi Arabia's royal or not exactly royal family but sure the owner of unfairness and discrimination plus corruption of religions and Islam in particular. Last black spring in Amman was an up to date of 1932 Henry Miller's Black-Spring or his and then, ours, Air conditioned Nightmare intermingled with Fenigen's wake but in Pyramids Hotel in King Talal street, (the only Hashmite king that had been exiled by a democratic parliament (do not laugh) decision by obligation and I am the outcome of nice night spent by my parents during the period of his honest government that lead him to be exiled. Now I am more than 59 years of their constitution's age. More nearly double of some oil countries' independence but not more than Saudi Arabia's backwardness and adoption of corruption even in the U.S.A. I survived throughout all the wars that I attended in the middle east not all of them by chance of course because there were some alert people including me that had done with some hidden Jews all the good that children should not be massacred but educated and brought up to the service of humanity that fixed a humanitarian and revolutionary person at the same time to make this press conference non where but everywhere on the internet and on face book in particular. Nowadays they all cannot face a book of mine weather printed or still pending print and of course contradict their rules of censorship. In Jordan they are still involved in manufacturing the best laws that can silence me or destroy the memory that I issued some books on my own. They cannot live with it remembered by their people if the people understand exactly the real meanings of Quest ForAn Area, and The Crush, so and so. A kingdom occupied by an intellectual and afraid of its reality because they feel deeply guilty as a minority who can not continue as a state if all the Palestinians are liberated. Saudi Arabia always rescue it in order to rescue and save its corruption and in order that this corruption prevails through any kind of Islam but not the real principles of it or of other religions. In Saudi Arabian Wahabi Islamic beliefs bot God And America are helpless and in need of their oil, so when they get angry of one of them they threaten the world with the other. As you know the U.S.A. survived without the help of any helpless country or even god. Look for Greece as a model full of history and gods nowadays it should sale some of them very cheap in order just to pass the believer America's conspiracies and increase its faith.



TayseerNazmi:nous allonsciviliserla Jordaniedans le butd'tre un paysrespect parl'art commemoyen de rsistancecontre sonretard...

"Without a real revolt there will be no kind of reform in Jordan" , said the OM general manager from Amman this morning, and added: read this document , for instance, an extract from Al-Arab Alyawm Jordanian daily of September 1999, and compare the situation after 12 years, did it improve in any kind of reform? Still, the minority controlling the majority in every field , even in the syndicates, and parties that they call it opposition. Both are practicing discrimination ; the government and the opposition activists who play the role of rejection .


teachers_right_after_35yers_of_service.JPG September 1999

رسائل حركة ابداع فيذكرى ليلة التاسع من حزيران 1967 فيديو إلى مصر الثورة و تركيا النفي الظالم

وحسب التسلسل الزمني لأرقامالصور



Will before well, the question of a depressed disinherited writer is a human question that exists in all times in history as well on earth, but when it comes to a Jordanian passport bearer from a Palestinian village in the west bank ( as it was and still called) The question becomes so difficult and the burden is so heavy. It is a humanitarian message that a well educated in soul and literature person when he chooses to be punished in choices as an outcome of his origin and very early made up his mind to leave Istanbul and join Kuwait university in order to give the chance for his next brother to study medicine in Italy. The fifteen guy of 1967s war who experiencedhow his grandfather wept when he was obliged to leave his calm beautiful and fascinating Silat Al-Daher had chosen very early to keep himself independent, though he also did not isolate himself from his peoples cause nor the language of childhood..In 1966 he was in the (kingdom of Jordan) and was reading from his schools teacher of painting many books in this field as well in green fields of the occupied territories .He continued to improve his talents in Kuwait libraries and schools. He will never be a pro-Saddam since he experienced the Nasers ( Naksah )!.When arriving to Jordan which is supposed to be his homeland in 1992 he found himself more humiliated and dehumanized than before. As every artist and a human being , especially those who returned back from Kuwait, he discovered that he had to live as a stranger in times and in places. (Right now in a popular hotel called Al-ahram Pyramids Hotel- down town Amman King Talal str.). The Jordanians who are with Saddams oil and their benefits rather than with the Iraqi people ignored his being and his ideas from the start. They started with the bad performance of the governmental security establishments to jail him bodily and spiritually with the help of a revenging woman who started her war and psychological torture quite long before accusing Silat Al-Daher of betraying her Whole Palestine from the sea to the river. She fled to her Gazian friends and wanted to be divorced whatever the consequences would be. People and courts helped her as they knew that she has a relatively big amount of money. The hill on ground emerged around the human in lost. Nowadays,(7 years before the present 2011) the striking writer is 52 years of our earth time. (Now 59). Spiritually he is more. Artistically he is beyond. Mentally he is dug deeper in isolation. Realistically he is a farce comedian in red and black. Politically he is with peace of his visions. Socially he is deprived just because he is is. The file of more than 10 years in Jordan ( actually many files) , is to be disclosed now with no more delay. The writer this time on his strike wants to be free to play the role of judging others. The government, may be the kingdom of Jordan itself first then the people who helped and the advocates who were paid to lead to his destruction. He also needs to free his own ideas and beliefs. The so called democracy or modernization in Jordan is a false claim in deed as he sees it from the bottom of the so called one society in Jordan. Media is cheating the real future of the area and making business on the cost of the real pioneers of justice and democracy. Violence is practiced against people very slowly and realities are hidden in files.

Some documents that he could reach so far need protection from a high court. Those who are interested to defend a dictator like Saddam are not willing to help him. On the contrary Jordan as well as most Arab countries is full of small Saddams whether in the way of thinking or in their education and culture. They are available at schools ; teachers as well as students and parents who couldnt get rid of their near past nor improve even in the age of computers and mobiles. Such people with the aid of the government posses money, lands, projects , cars, houses and the future for their kids.

The private sector is worse also since it feels deeply that it is an outcome of personal efforts and investment .It looks with inferiority to those who are deprived. In such circumstances the real writer is the representative of the futures unity. But does the other side understand this??? Big NO.

Let the reader check the near past of dealing with a teacher of English ( mean the writer who accepted the job and striked for it many times in order to defend his survival and challenged to keep it in order to keep alive and to pay the price of silence) :

كتبت الشهادة أعلاه في نيسان 2004 و وواقع الحال في نيسان 2011 أصبح أسوأ مما كان عليه

The above writing was written in April 2004 and the situation went to more deterioration in April 2011




صورة فوتوغرافية بكاميرة حركة إبداع ومؤسسها ومديرها العام تم اختيارهابعناية سياسية ونضالية من أصل آلاف الصور والوثائق التي لم تزل محتجزة وتشكل أكبر جرائم في التاريخ ترتكبها أنظمة عربية منها على سبيل المثال لا الحصر الكويت والأردن وبخاصة الأردن منذ نحو تسع عشرة سنة وكوننا في حصار مستمر ومستميت كي لا ننشر ما لدينا فقد باشرنا اليوم بالنشر للصور فقط على أمل أن يتاح لنا الوقت والمكان والزمان لاستكمال مطالبنا أولا و ايضاحات ولو بسيطة عن حيثيات كل صورة وفي وقت لاحق سوف ننشر الصور كاملة دون تحفظ

To understand what is going here and there in the middle east secretly or broadcasted through the media you have to contemplateour photos first, then this is the lastpiece of news from Amman and Originality Movement abroad:

Only detained editor and detained pictures by the Jordanian mandate ...

(كل مغتصب على الطريقة الاسلامية الانتهازية سيذبح على الطريقة الثورية مهما طال الزمن)
قال تيسير نظمي من عمان - شارع الملك طلال - فندق الأهرام- أن حركة ابداع كمنظمة دولية واقليمية لم يتم الاتصال بها أو تدعى أو حتى مجرد استشارتها بالاتفاق بين فتح و حماس وأنها غير مسؤولة عما ينجم عنه ولا علاقة لها به وأنها تحذر الفصائل كافة من صفقةتعقد من وراء ظهرها وسوف نوافيكم بتفصيلات أخرى حالما يتسنى لنا الخلاص من المؤامرة التي تحاك ضدنا وأننا نلتزم بمواقف مستقلة منذ جامعة الكويت-1974- وحتى اليوم وأننا لا نبيع ولا نفرط بمواقفنا ولا بعذابات شعبنا وأن مفاتيح الحل لم تزل بيدنا نحن وليس بأيدي السوق السياسية المفتوحة لمن هب ودب من مستثمري الدم الفلسطيني

The Palestinian current leadership is not betraying the realistic demands of its people only, but unfortunately betraying themselves first and history. The time their people can decide freely without any pressures from undemocratic Arab regimes did not come so they can decide without letting others make deals out of their long sufferings. The big question that is very suspected why they choose other regimes rather than Jordan ? We need a clear and strategic answer from both Fateh and Hamas right now if they are both not guilty and did not victimize their own claimed people.

Originality Movement Main Board
Tayseer Nazmi did not say or write his own opinion but he will abide by the above released announcement.

آخر خبر الآن >>>>>>>>>>>>...

To understand what is going here and there in the middle east secretly or broadcasted through the media you have to contemplateour photos first, then this is the lastpiece of news from Amman and Originality Movement abroad:

Only detained editor and detained pictures by the Jordanian mandate ...SAM_7245.JPG

آخر خبر الآن >>>>>>>>>>>>...

Originality On Line

أعلنت حركة ابداع قبل قليل عن عزمها تنفيذ العصيان المدني الشامل في حي نزال كاملا بما فيه الجبل الأخضر يوم غد الخميس وكل من يخرق هذا العصيان تعرف الشعب به أنه عميل للنظام الذي أفلس عن أن يحمي معلما خدم في مدرسة عبدالله بن رواحة - حنين الأساسية-ست سنوات - ومضرب عن العمل احتجاجا على ما يجري في البلد - منذ قرابة الشهر - فندعوكم شيبا وشيابا وطلاب مدارس للتضامن معه-

Originality Movement Called for a the first strike in a part of Amman (Nazzal) starting from Thursday May 12th. 2011 in Jordan's local time...

Originality On LineO.M. also called who can go in solidarity with this part of Amman to perform his own strike for a New Jordan and Jordan for allits people. Now should the political parties do something to the people of Jordan without consulting the security institutions in Jordan? Go ahead ... move...

Originality On Lineواضح أن حركة ابداع بدأت بتجسير النضال الوطني والفرز الحقيقي بين مدعي الجهاد والنضال وبين أزلام النظام في الأ{دن وقوى الشد العكسي التي تريد اشعال الفتنة والشائعات والحرب الأهلية على حساب مستقبل الانسان الأردني المغلوب على أمره سابقا والمتطلع نحو العدالة والحرية منذ اكثر من 91 عاما

Temporary Reference Websites:

11 th. May 2011 8:20 p.m.

From the Facebook:

We can not work properly or convey our documents about corruption in Jordan according to the following video where we are subjected to so many kinds of torture, but we will continue whatever....

Originality Movementwas tagged inOriginality Om'svideo

We wrote so many enough to motivate so many revolutions but they kept the people so far away of these writings for a long time , said Tayseer Nazmi from Amman to a European journalist in an interview not published yet but well made in a long intimate dialogue from his exile and solitude in his displacement .

Nous avons crittantsuffisant pour motivertant de rvolutions, maisils ont gardles genssi loinde ces critsdepuis longtemps, a ditTayseerNazmid'Amman un journaliste europendans une interviewpas encore publi, maisbien faitdans unlong dialogueintime deson exilet de solitudedans sondplacement.

Hemos escritomuchassuficiente para motivar atantas revoluciones, sinoquemantuvo a la gentetan lejosde estos escritosdurante mucho tiempo,dijoTayseerNazmide Amman aun periodista europeoen una entrevistano publicadatodava, perobien hechoenun largo dilogontimodesu exilioy la soledaden sudesplazamiento.

Abbiamo scrittotantesufficiente a motivarecos tanterivoluzioni, mahanno tenutola gentelontanadi questi scrittiper lungo tempo, ha dettoTayseerNazmida Amman aun giornalistaeuropeoin un'intervistanon ancora pubblicata, maben fattoinun lungo dialogointimodail suo esilioe la solitudinenei suoispostamenti.

Biz okdevrimlermotivekadarokyazdıamauzun bir srebuyazılarıninsanlarok uzaktutulması,TayseerNazmiAmman'danhenz yayınlanmamışbir rportajda,birAvrupalı​​gazeteciiindediama iyibiruzunsamimidiyalogyapılanonunyerindenyılındasrgnveyalnızlık.







The tough uncivilized attack by four men and even five men of the hotel on Originality Movement head manager (Tayseer Nazmi); first they attacked the door of his room shouting : open the door , open the door while he was asleep taking some rest, without clarifying why he should open the door, though he asked them that question and advised them to wait in the Salon downstairs. Few minutes later the shouted on him in front of his balcony from his neighbor's (First class Jordanian, not a Palestinian by origin ) balcony. As soon as Nazmi stepped out instantly he started his camera functioning, some of them rapidly hided behind or acted as if they doing something else rather than co-operating the attack as shown in pics here. Nazmi took instantly the money from his pocket and shouted on the obliged renter of the hotel ( observed and motivated from behind) " Hey, take the money you want but shut up and do not interfere in my privacy. Actually they were asked to do that not for the sake of money but they want him not to use his computer in any case or publish a little bit of the scandals they are making and the daily troubles to him in order to size him according to the secret police and the security measures ... here some of them:


متضمن الفندق و من أوعز له بشن الهجوم الهمجي مرة بقطع الكهرباء أكثر من اسبوعين وأخرى بمحاولة خلع الباب ثم من البلكون المجاور لشرفة تيسير نظمي على الشارع العام


Friday 13th. May 2011 (Originality Movement)





بايعاز منهم أغلقوا مطبخ الفندق كي لا يحصل النزلاء على كاسة شاي أو فنجان قهوة إلا بعد استئذان المخابرات الأردنية


بعد عرض مسرحي بائس من عروض يوم الجمعة اختتمه المطر وبالشمس الأقل

14 May 20 11

!May 15th. 2011


To understand what is goingon hereand therein the middle eastsecretly or broadcasted

through the media , you have to contemplateour photosfirst, then this is the lastpiece of

news from Amman and Originality Movementabroad:


Again and again they are unfair

-----Original Message-----

From: Originality

To: M.of Edu.

Sent: Friday, October 17, 2003 6:04 PM

Subject: Urgent to his Excellency the minister of education

Dear your Excellency the minister of education in Jordan

Dr. Khaled Toqan

This e-mail is sent to your Excellency just to let senior officials

in our respected ministry know who really hinder the process of modernization in our beloved country. The sufferings of up-to-date teachers in this field lead most of them to escape from the ministry and from schools and join the private sector. We are so sorry to any inconvenience if this bothers some recipients.If the teacher of English Mr.Tayseer Nazmi is asked why he is always obliged to resort to your Excellency more than other senior officials, the answer is that he was not permitted even to meet those who are related to his sufferings. He went after 2 p.m.of the same day to meet Mr. Ebraheem Al-Harahshah the head manager of Amman's the first directorate in Shmaisani who refused to meet him at first as a teacher of English. But accepted him then after he had been informed that Mr. Nazmi is an old hand translator and editor. To be sure of that we think that his Excellency the minister of information Dr. Nabil Al-Shareef knows him very well.

Though, the problem is far beyond an individual bearing or capabilities nor one's burden. It needs your care and wise treatment.

Thanks in advance.


Yacoup Hashem English Club

Prominent and distinguished students

Prominent and distinguished teachers

Some students' parents


عطوفة مدير التربية والتعليم لمنطقة عمان الأولى الأستاذ المربي الفاضل إبراهيم الحراحشة الموقر

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السيد الأستاذ والمربي الفاضل مدير مدرسة يعقوب هاشم لعام 2003/2004م المحترم

الموضوع: زيارة الأستاذ المربي مشرف مادة اللغة الانجليزية

التوقيت : الإثنين 13/10/2003م الحصة الثالثة

الصف : الثامن أ (نسبة نجاحه في المادة 71%)

الملاحظات والرد:

1- تمت زيارته للفصل بصحبة منسق المادة لفصل نظيف وطلاب منضبطين ولمعلم بكامل إناقته ومعرفته للفروقات الفردية لطلابه وإمكانياتهم وبكامل ثقته بخبراته العلمية والعملية وسارت الحصة كالمعتاد حتى الدقيقة

الثانية والأربعين منها تقريباً عندما تفضل المرشد بمناقشة الطلاب في موضوع الدرس فارتكب الأخطاء الفنية التالية: أ- استخدم كلمة جديدة صعبة عليهم بسؤالهم عن موضوع الدرس وهي كلمة "title" ثم أخطأ في لفظ كلمة "announcesومن ثم في شرحه لمعنى كلمة "retirement" في النص موضوع الدرس

2-لم يطلب مني مرافقته أو ينتظرني أن أغادر معه لأنني أغادر مع آخر طالب في الفرصة كما لم يبلغني أحد بطلبه المزعوم فتوجهت لغرفة المعلمين ظناً مني أنه ربما غادر المدرسة أيضاً.

3- لم يبلغني منسق المادة بوجود معلم بديل لي لشغل الحصة الرابعة كي أغادرها لمناقشته بأخطائه هو على الأقل أو بكون الحصة أصبحت تغذية راجعة كون ثلث الطلاب لم يحلوا واجبهم البيتي. فطلبت من منسق المادة أن يقوم بكتابة ملاحظاته مادام هو الذي اختار تلك الحصة تحديداً ولم يراع كوني مشغولاً الحصة الثانية والثالثة والرابعة والخامسة من يوم الإثنين. مع العلم أنني عبأت نموذج الارشاد مرتين وحسب الجدول.

4- ذهبت إليه للمديرية بعد الساعة الثانية وبعد اجتماعكم الموقر للأخذ بنصائحه إن كان ثمة نصيحة لديه فرفض

مجرد السلام على يدي الممتدة إليه ورفض المناقشة مما أهانني وهو على رأس عمله ورفض القيام بالتوجيه والإرشاد المزعوم في دفتر الزيارات المدرسي الذي يطالب فيه باستجوابي على أخطاء ارتكبها بحق نفسه أولاً قبل أن تطالني اتهاماته القصدية.

5- تظلمت شفاهاً لمدير التعليم الموقر من الكيدية والتقصد وإعاقة وإرباك العمل الذي نتعرض له أحياناً وقلت لعطوفته بحضور المدير الاداري والمالي أن البعض يرى في هذه المدرسة مؤسسة للعشيرة وأنا أراها مؤسسة للدولة الأردنية وصرحاً علمياً لمستقبل الأردن الجديد. وبناء على مشورته كان هذا الكتاب التوضيحي لسيادتكم فأرجوا قبوله واتخاذ ماترونه مناسباً بناء على ماتقدم واقبلوا كل الاحترام والتقدير من المعلم : تيسير نظمي

الخميس 16/10/2003

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

السيد الأستاذ والمربي الفاضل مدير مدرسة يعقوب هاشم لعام 2003/2004م المحترم

الموضوع: زيارة الأستاذ المربي مشرف مادة اللغة الانجليزية

التوقيت : الخميس16/10/2003م الحصة الثانية وثلثي الثالثة

الملاحظات والرد:

1-بعد أن تثبتم من صحة كتابي السابق المؤرخ 16/10/2003 من أقوال السيد مرشد المادة وبحضور المربي الفاضل الأستاذ (لا أعرف اسمه وصفته حتى الآن) من مديرية عمان الأولى في التوقيت المذكور أعلاه فإنني أعلمكم بملاحظاتي التالية:

1-بعد مغادرتي لمجلسكم الموقر في غرفتكم الضيقة الكريمة لحصتي الثالثة مباشرة تبين لي عدم وجود معلم بديل يشغل الحصة في الصف الثامن د هذا من ناحية.

2-ومن ناحية أخرى طلبتم سيادتكم مني تمزيق نسختكم الخاصة من الكتاب المشار إليه ورغم إبداء تحفظي على ذلك بحضور الأستاذين الزائرين إلا أنكم أصررتم على ذلك وقد كان الكتاب بحوزتكم فهل ذلك يعني قناعتكم بأن المرشد بات مقتنعاً أن الحصة المزارة لم تكن كما كان يظن أنها " قراءة صامتة؟

3-إن تقرير المرشد المدون لديكم مبني على افتراض خاطئ وما تكون مقدماته خاطئة فإن نتائجه خاطئة

4-أعود لتوكيد أن الحصة تغذية راجعة وأن لقاء يوم الخميس ومداولاته بيننا الأربعة مربين أكدت ذلك.

5-فما هو مبرر التخلص من الكتاب السابق إن لم يجر التخلص أيضا من تقرير المرشد المدون لديكم في دفتر الزيارات الصفية وما هي الضمانة لي بتقرير موضوعي يضمن حقي في التقارير العلنية والسرية منها والتي تؤثر على مستقبلي الوظيفي ؟ أثق بكم رؤساء عملي ولكن يجدر أن تكون الثقة مدونة رسمياً

6-أطلب منكم حفظ الكتابين السابق والحالي وإبداء ماترونه من مشروحات عليها وفي ملفي الشخصي في المدرسة وذلك لحفظ حقي في الإعتراض وحقي في التميز في هذه المدرسة مستقبلاً بل وربما في مدارس أو وظائف أخرى كي يطمئن قلبي وأكون آمناً في وظيفتي. أقول ذلك بعد أن لمست وعاينت مجريات العمل في هذه المدرسة تحديداً وما أزال. ولعلي أذكر بـ "نادي اللغة الإنجليزية" في المدرسة الذي لا يزال حبراً على ورق وباجات موزعة على الطلاب منذ السنة الدراسية الماضية. كما أعود لأذكر بأنني كنت ولا أزال أول المعلمين في توزيع شهادات المتابعة على الطلاب وأول المعلمين في الاستفادة من الحاسوب (الشخصي وليس المدرسي) في الأداء التعليمي والتربوي فقد غادرت مجلسكم وبحوزتي شهادات المتابعة الموقعة من أولياء أمور الصف الثامن دالمطبوعة والمسحوبة على حاسوبي وطابعتي الشخصية كما أن يوم مجلسكم الموقر شهد استنكاف بعض الزملاء عن أداء واجبهم بالمناوبة وقد قمت بذلك أحياناً وفي عدة مواقع بنفسي وبمفردي والآذن يشهد بذلك.

7-ماتقدم غيض من فيض لأن البعض في المديرية لا يروق له التحديث والعمل المخلص والشجاعة في ممارسة التربية والتعليم دون محسوبيات ومن يحسبون على الترهل الوظيفي كثر وأقوياء وفي مواقع اتخاذ القرار للأسف ومن حقي الحذر والتحوط. فأرجو احترام حقي بالحذر والدقة لحين أن يثبت العكس. ،،،،،،،المعلم : تيسير نظمي معلم لغة انجليزية -رقم وزاري 100534

الجمعة 17/10/2003

ترفع الأحد 19/10/2003

After all, what was the democratic response of Dr. Ebrahim Al-Harahshah?

(الوثيقة اللازمة محتجزة مع عفشالبيتالمحتجز منذ سنتين)


جديد جديد New New

So late I am to all

Tayseer Nazmi (Poems Of Exile) 2011

All whom I may speak with now are dead

Me, did nothing to be far ahead

Unbeliever, I stay in solitude

No prayers no family nor a home

Now , the darkness, flows sweeping the light

Drowning in despair, with nothing to remember

Dying in vain

Void from dreams

I see nothing around to think of

All the years passed rapidly

Catching nothing of its joy

Now, a man became my son

Finishing the boy I loved

Now, alike me and my intimate elder daughter

Lost , and insisting to be lost in the holy Quran

And the sad eyes of the smallest one with tears

Stopped to be small

She graduated to be just married

No place I have to express anything

No sadness nor pleasure

Everything seems to be the same

Day light is the darkness became

All around is the same

Me , the alive, and the dead days of exile

A desert my whole life is

And the eyes of a dead person I behold

All the dead friends me not willing to speak more

Since we all now understood the hopeless , jobless, helpless burdens of our life and joy

Stay, where you are , beating the last pulses of nothingness my boy

They call you a heart that is beating all the sixty years that passed

Then I do not nor you been told

When you will stop beating me to the doors

Or when both will be silence in silent deserts

Pouring nothing of value, but oil

All the intimates of mine are silent

Me was very late to follow all

End of 18th. June 2011-06-18 12:00p.m.

As Never A God

To Rodica Feranisco

Tayseer Nazmi

( Poems Of Exile- 19-June-2011) Sunday

As never a god gave you

I'd given you some excuses to be far away

To miss the way

To betray

keep from my revolt

the bread of your families.

Yes, as never a god had done before

Intentionally I'd done the controversial political mistakes

Just to let you say;

That's wrong , he went mad and insane

He is leading us for nothingness

No reasonable his passions and emotions

So and so

Since I know

How much with your kids am in love

For I know, to be ashamed of your wives is so tough

I never ashamed a man among his family

Nor did I blinded my rich en-sighted heart

Give me now all the tears you hided

I am in need to more of them to cry

The camps of poverty and unfair

I am in need to weep all the distance to land

I will not ask any of you for a hand

I am going to the ends of my way

Leaving you all behind to stay

In life of welfare or astray

Chat a hey

In pc's



And those who

Are guys and gays

Just keep away from the way

That gods are marching and marching long far

As never a god give you the grants of staying saying

I am here alone in solitude revolting or de-revolting

exiles narrowing the way, returning me to my eternal grave

some day you all will follow e, and we will not share the same grave

no room will be to gossip the politics, the salaries, the joys

when god is dead

the grave and bed will be the same

with no need any more to feel shame

as never a god had done you before

keep silent and away from the burning fires that the wind

is , smoothly, gradually, softly then stormy, bringing the peoples' anger

bringing my hidden ideas to life, and do not laugh when your souls will be

cultivated with my own hands like ripe fruits of madness.

So will the desperate human soul will do, with no mercy no silences

God is dead

God is not blessing you more

God ended the game and relaxed tired and bored

He will not extend his mercy to your graves

He will be in need of a little

Just little


To afford oneness

And solitude

Tayseer Nazmi ( Poems Of Exile- 19-June-2011) Sunday

17-9-2008-Judical_Corruption.JPGTo all advocates , lawyers andjudges around the world in order to have a look on the size of corruption in Jordan




A Sample Of Judical Corruption In Jordan.The Main Cause And Accused Dr. Was Not Brought To Court, Just Because He Is A Member Of A Syndicate ++ Co-operative With The Security Secret Police++


Well, if the court of north Amman and the policeevacuated the place of residenceof Tayseer Nazmi in his absence and also changed the keys and locks of the rented flat, why does the owner here in the above document note wants the old keys from Tayseer Nazmi and at the same time does not want to meet him face to face by saying: Do not meet me, go to the court, and give me personally the old keys of the flat not to the court ? Why is the contradiction here which shows clearly that the owner was keeping copies of the keys and also was obliged by the police to observe Tayseer Nazmi from outside and inside his residence, and who told him to restore the evidence and proof that they are both; the owner and the government were /are violating blatantly the Jordanian laws and the humanitarian ones ???

اعتراف الأردن رسميا بحركة ابداع






Last piece of news NOW:...........................

Last piece of news NOW:...........................

Originality Movementwas tagged inOriginality Om'svideo.


سهرنا حتى الفجر و زرنا مخيم البقعة بعد الساعة الثامنة صباحا لنبلغ بأن مسؤولا جبانا

أبلغ المخابرات والشرطة بالبقعة أن اسرائيليا يصور و يرسل الصور لإسرائيل في استعداء

سافر لأهل المخيم تجاه الصحافة التي منعت أيضا من التصوير في المخيم

ولم يستطع الجهلة منعنا من الكتابة و التعبير رغما عنهم و عن صحافتهم و وسائل اعلامهم

المهترئة بالمبتدئين والمرتشين


الصورة التقطت بالمنزل الذي أقتحم بالشرطة و المحتالين على القانون في ظل

غياب تيسير نظمي عنه ودون أن يبلغ من المحكمة أو المحامي النصاب والمحتال

على نقابته و على القانون

Well, if the court of north Amman and the police evacuated the place of residence of Tayseer Nazmi in his absence and also changed the keys and locks of the rented flat, why does the owner here in the above document note wants the old keys from Tayseer Nazmi and at the same time does not want to meet him face to face by saying: Do not meet me, go to the court, and give me personally the old keys of the flat not to the court ? Why is the contradiction here which shows clearly that the owner was keeping copies of the keys and also was obliged by the police to observe Tayseer Nazmi from outside and inside his residence, and who told him to restore the evidence and proof that they are both; the owner and the government were /are violating blatantly the Jordanian laws and the humanitarian ones ???

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