OM> destroyed in Jordan and restored in USA

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Judical Corruption Jo

Well, if the court of north Amman and the policeevacuated the place of residenceof Tayseer Nazmi in his absence and also changed the keys and locks of the rented flat, why does the owner here in the above document note wants the old keys from Tayseer Nazmi and at the same time does not want to meet him face to face by saying: Do not meet me, go to the court, and give me personally the old keys of the flat not to the court ? Why is the contradiction here which shows clearly that the owner was keeping copies of the keys and also was obliged by the police to observe Tayseer Nazmi from outside and inside his residence, and who told him to restore the evidence and proof that they are both; the owner and the government were /are
February 21, 2018