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The Palestinian Novelists Tayseer Nazmi (left) and Waleed Abu Baker

الروائيان الفلسطينيان وليد أبو بكر -إلى اليمين- و تيسير نظمي -بعدسة الشاعر زهير أبو شايب

جانب من مقدمة المؤتمر الصحفي الذي سوف يعقد مساء هذا اليوم من مكان ما في عمان و يبث عبر صفحات الفيسبوك على الهواء مباشرة باللغة الانجليزية لجميع فروع حركة ابداع في العالم

Part of the press conference that will be held on the first of July this evening by Tayseer Nazmi from amman

OM Head Manager Tayseer Nazmi:

Good evening and good morning + good night and knights to all over earth. I am only a survivor today, so; do not expect me say more than miracles of history in the east, exactly in the middle of it where your sources of welfare and poverty exist and where swords are so near of the backward royal families' necks of their people, specifying Saudi Arabia's royal or not exactly royal family but sure the owner of unfairness and discrimination plus corruption of religions and Islam in particular. Last black spring in Amman was an up to date of 1932 Henry Miller's Black-Spring or his and then, ours, Air conditioned Nightmare intermingled with Fenigen's wake but in Pyramids Hotel in King Talal street, (the only Hashmite king that had been exiled by a democratic parliament (do not laugh) decision by obligation and I am the outcome of nice night spent by my parents during the period of his honest government that lead him to be exiled. Now I am more than 59 years of their constitution's age. More nearly double of some oil countries' independence but not more than Saudi Arabia's backwardness and adoption of corruption even in the U.S.A. I survived throughout all the wars that I attended in the middle east not all of them by chance of course because there were some alert people including me that had done with some hidden Jews all the good that children should not be massacred but educated and brought up to the service of humanity that fixed a humanitarian and revolutionary person at the same time to make this press conference non where but everywhere on the internet and on face book in particular. Nowadays they all cannot face a book of mine weather printed or still pending print and of course contradict their rules of censorship. In Jordan they are still involved in manufacturing the best laws that can silence me or destroy the memory that I issued some books on my own. They cannot live with it remembered by their people if the people understand exactly the real meanings of Quest ForAn Area, and The Crush, so and so. A kingdom occupied by an intellectual and afraid of its reality because they feel deeply guilty as a minority who can not continue as a state if all the Palestinians are liberated. Saudi Arabia always rescue it in order to rescue and save its corruption and in order that this corruption prevails through any kind of Islam but not the real principles of it or of other religions. In Saudi Arabian Wahabi Islamic beliefs bot God And America are helpless and in need of their oil, so when they get angry of one of them they threaten the world with the other. As you know the U.S.A. survived without the help of any helpless country or even god. Look for Greece as a model full of history and gods nowadays it should sale some of them very cheap in order just to pass the believer America's conspiracies and increase its faith.

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